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suspect has been confirmed as 24-year-old james holmes, but we now understand police and investigators on the scene of his apartment has figured out it's booby trapped. can you confirm that? >> this guy was methodical in his planning. about ten minutes ago, chief dan oates of the aurora police department said, quote, booby trapped. the third floor of this apartment unit is where this suspect lived, and on the third floor, they cannot enter that apartment because it is booby trapped. the chief said that it looks pretty sophisticated. that's his quote. the briefing was very quick, they would not answer any questions. there are fire trucks here surrounding this very generic-looking apartment complex. it's a very generic, unassuming apartment complex, but the police department dealing with an extraordinary circumstance now, a booby-trapped apartment. they won't say how it's booby trapped, but fire trucks are here with their ladders extended to the building, just in case they have to detonate things inside that apartment. >> we were watching that this morning. you mentioned the hook and lad
this is for the first time we are seeing james holmes. >> there is a video freeze frame of the suspect james holmes. >> seemed especially lethargic, nonresponsive. >> maybe an act. >> doesn't seem any effort. >> didn't focus his eyes at all. >> and a nation. >> people say it's bad politics to address the issue. i think they are wrong. i'm going to try to stir it up and so is everybody else. >> to think gun control or increased gun control is the answer in my view, that would have to be proved. >> eighteen months since arizona. when are you going to do this. >> weapons of war don't belong on the streets. >> i want to get you straight out to the west coast where the attorney for the holmes family, his parents, james's parents, is beginning a press conference in san diego. let's listen. >> a bit different from the process in california. here in california if someone is arrested for a crime such as murder, the district attorney's office first files a complaint alleging what the charges are and then files a complaint. the first court appearance is an arraignment where the acc
explosives. nearby residents evacuated. the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, arraigned on monday. police say he purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition and four guns in the weeks before the attack. however, the motive remains unknown. the shooting left 12 people dead, 58 injured many of them seriously. let's go now to the tense scene outside the apartment and the dell tis attempt to get inside and search for more evidence. late yesterday the chief described what's inside that apartment. >> it is a very vexing problem, how to enter that apartment safely. i personally have never seen anything like what the pictures show us is in there. i'm a layman when it comes to bomb stuff. i see an awful lot of wires, trip wires, jars full of ammunition. jars full of liquid. some things that look like mortar rounds. >> nbc's mike taibbi is there live for us. mike, with an early good morning to you, what's the latest from the scene? >> reporter: good morning, alex. yeah, i spoke with a couple police officers from aurora a few minutes ago who said in about two hours the attempt to enter the apartment pt res
night 24-year-old suspected gunman james eagan holmes walked into a sold out movie screening of the new batman movie. he hurled a cannister of tear gas in and opened fire. there are 12 dead. 71 shot. holmes was arrested in a parking lot behind the theater shortly after the massacre. a law enforcement official confirms that holmes had red or orange hair when he was apprehended. and he told police that he was the villain the joker from batman. despite these details, countless questions remain. among them what caused this former ph.d. candidate to commit such a heinous act when there were signs he was unstable. and there are questions, too, about his apartment. police say he left it booby trapped with explosives. but why? we'll sort through all of this and even hear eyewitnesses who watched all of this unfold. joining me now is chris jansing. she's in aurora, colorado. chris, thanks for joining me this evening. >> thank you so much, reverend al. i want you to know we are just getting word from officials that the bodies of the people who were inside that movie theater, the people who were k
at this time. >> authorities say 24-year-old james egan holmes bought a ticket to the midnight opening of "dark knight rises." as the theater went dark, he was seen on his cell phone exiting through the emergency door. a federal law enforcement official believes holmes then put on the bullet proof gear, returned through the exit door, which had been propped open, and started shooting. in all, 71 people were shot. at this hour, 12 people are dead. ten of those victims died inside the theater. two others died later at area hospitals, survivors are now speaking out. >> i just grabbed my daughter and just got her out as fast as i could. just ran out. i didn't turn around, i didn't look behind me. i just got out and there was a moment where my daughter tripped and i pulled her up and was dragging her. i was thinking, we just got to get out. i got to get out the doors. and even if i just fall dead, just get my kedz out of here. it was so horrible. >> police found holmes near his car parked in the back of that theater. aurora police chief dan oates said police are confident he acted alone and that he
of the apartment complex we are told that's the residence of james holmes. inside that residence, inside that apartment unit is a booby-trapped apartment, according to the chief of the aurora police department, daniel oates. we were told by the aurora fire department inside there are numerous bottles containing some type of unknown liquid. connected to the bottles are wires. it is a sophisticated sort of contraption or operation that the suspect set up in this apartment. it seems he was methodical a in his plan. at this point, we have been told by the fire department, by the police that they have snapped photographs from the outside of the apartment through a window hoping to use those photographs to dissect what's inside that apartment so they can safely move into that unit and try to disable those explosives. in the meantime, behind me here you can see numerous fire trucks. they have had ladders extended all morning. they are here just in case the bomb squad and fire department decides to detonate whatever is inside the apartment. back to you. >> you have been speaking to residents the
about the person that done this. >> we have a suspect in custody. >> james eagan holmes. >> we may never understand what leads anybody to terrorize their fellow human beings like this cht . >>> it is now just 14 hours from when all eyes shifted to the tragedy in aurora, colorado. one of the deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history. the details remain influx, but here's the latest this hour. 71 shot. 12 died. the rest were injured. now, the tragic shooting in colorado has stunned the nation an the political world today. it happened just after the start of a midnight premier of the new bat man movie, "the dark knight rises." a heavily armed gunman bursting into the theatre through an exit door and here's how witnesses describe what happened next. >> he threw one gas like, one tear gas thing. >> landed in the road. hit the girl right in front of us. then it exploded. >> then he threw another one. i think that went to the right of us. >> and did you see him starting to shoot people at that point? >> he waited, he looked like, he looked so calm when he did it. it was scary. he waited for the
off. >>> the accused. james holmes, the suspect in the deadly colorado shooting rampage, heads back to court to hear formal charges. >>> and miracle of life. the san diego zoo celebrates a record birth by a 20-year-old panda. very good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. those stories and more straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> now we begin this morning with foreign relations. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is in poland today on the last leg of a three-country trip where he's meeting with foreign leaders and talking tough on iran all in an effort to beef up his foreign policy credentials. nbc's brian mooar joins us live from washington with details. brian, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, veronica. in israel, romney did take a hard line on iran but didn't overtly criticize u.s. policy. -- tour brings him to poland today after a successful stop in israel and a visit to london, memorable for all the wrong reasons. in israel, he sent a strong message to iran. >> my message to the people of israel and the leaders of iran is one and the sa
't want this just to be about james holmes, i don't want this just to be about him. but we do know that he is not talking. there's no motive that is known. the associated press has been able to obtain some briefing documents from federal authorities, and we've heard from local authorities as well, why he did this alex remains a mystery. >> chris, it is so difficult to hear you put names and facts and details to people that previously we've just known as being one of 12, having been killed, it's really hard to hear. but you what about dramatic stories of heroism from survivors? what are you hearing on that front? >> reporter: well, i'm telling you what we're hearing so often is exactly what i just said about the person who died trying to shield his girlfriend, that so many people in the midst of all of this chaos -- you know, maybe you've heard the stories but you have to put yourself inside that darkened movie theater. every single seat was taken. then you have a gunman who's impo imposing. first of all, head to toe he's in black and military gear, antiballistic gear. he's 6'3" tall, and b
of one of the worst mass killings in american history. with his attorney at his side, james eagan holmes sat in silence in a colorado courtroom today. holmes with his hair dyed a reddish-orange appeared dazed at times and showed little emotion. as the judge informed him of his rights. holmes has been held at solitary confinement at a local detention facility. his motives for killing 12 people, injured 58 others at a colorado theater remain a mystery. prosecutors are expected to file formal charges next week. the district attorney says she would get impact from the victims before decided whether to seek the death penalty. >> the victims will be impacted by that decision in an enormous way for years, if the death penalty is sought. >> investigators are now poring over evidence found in james holmes' apartment. it took police two days to safely disarm it, discovering gallons of gas and body traps rigged to kill anyone who walked through the door. he had been stock piling weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition for months. no red flags were raised because it's all perfectly legal. ther
confirmed that the suspect is 24-year-old james holmes. two witnesses that were inside the theater 9 described what happened next on nbc station kusa. >> he threw one gas -- like one teargas thing. >> landed in the row in front of us, hit the girl in front of us. then they exploded. >> he threw another one. >> yeah. >> i think that went to the right of us. >> did you see him starting to shoot people at that point? >> he actually waited. he looked so calm when he did it. it was, like, scary. he waited for the bombs both to explode before he even made any move. then after both of them exploded he began to shoot. >> the first shot was in the air. after that he started shooting towards -- >> no specific target. he let loose. >> some theatregoers said they thought it was part of the movie since it happened during an action scene. some of the bullets went into theater 8 also showing "the dark knigh knight". k can usa reports as police arrived they saw people rushing out of the theater. some in such bad shape police put them in the back of cruisers and rushed them to hospital themselves. 50
." it will be the first time holmes has been seen in public. his arrest at that theater in the wee hours of friday morning was the first time that the police had seen him. now the public will get the first chance to see this man. he spent his weekend in solitary confinement and is said to be refusing to cooperate with investigators, attempting to uncover the motive behind this crime. today's court appearance follows a day of remembrance in aurora, with president barack obama traveling to colorado to meet with survivors, their families, and the loved ones of those lost. >> i come to them not so much as president, as i do as a father and as a husband. and i think that the receason stories like this have such an impact on us is because we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion. >> in less than 24 hours after this horrific tragedy, thousands gathered together in vigil, singing and praying, vowing never to forget. >> john blunk, we will all remember. a.j. boik, we will all remember. jesse childress. >> we will all remember. >> nbc's chris jansing leads o
appearance since the horrific tragedy that left 12 people dead and 58 others injured. james holmes had dyed orange/red hair and seemed dazed and glassy eyed. sometimes closing his eyes as the hearing proceeded. he didn't say anything in court and seemed disconnected. even when the judge talked about the victims. >> for protection order if you'd hand a copy. shall not possess or control a firearm or other weapon. shall not consume alcoholic beverages and controlled substances. and not to commit any new offenses. >> investigators are now looking at his computer and other items found in his apartment trying to piece together who he is and why he allegedly walked into a movie theater and started shooting innocent people. holmes reportedly began struggling at school this past semester doing poorly on exams. police say it was during this time he began buying a huge amount of ammunition online. around that time, some time in may, he began buying guns from local shops. in early june, he suddenly dropped out of the ph.d. program. and a few weeks later, he applied to join a gun club. leaving such a b
to the media following the advisement meeting of suspected killer james holmes. let's take a listen. >> -- that we can provide them information in a variety of ways, including through the press, if that's acceptable. you saw what happened today in court. there was what's called a rule five advisement, where the judge basically told the defendant what constitutional rights he can expect to have in this case. you heard the judge say that there was a probable cause determination. in colorado we do an initial probable cause determination to make sure that there's kind of an overview of the evidence so that the court knows that there's enough evidence to continue to hold the defendant. the defendant is being held without bond at this point in time. eventually there will be a preliminary hearing and a proof evident presumption break hearing and we will ask the court to continue holding him without bond. so are there any questions? >> i'm gary peterson from cbs. i was part of the media that was actually in the courtroom and i was struck by the fact that the defendant seemed to have no emot
massacres in american history. prosecutors moving forward with the case against james holmes by charging the former graduate student with 24 counts of murder. two for each of his alleged victims. as nbc's mike tybee reporie tia, those are among dozens of charges he is facing. >> reporter: no camera in the courtroom, just a sketch artist, but 24-year-old suspect james holmes, so dazed and unengaged last week, was aletter and attentive as the judge told him he faced 142 separate felony charges, includes 2 death penalty counts, one for first degree murder after deliberation, and a second for murder with extreme indifference for each of the 12 victims killed. >> these are two alternative ways of getting a first degree murder guilty verdict. >> reporter: but some victims' relatives are already saying they don't want the death penalty. mary ellen hansen's niece, ashley moser, wounded and hospitalized, suffered a miscarriage, and is mother of veronica moser-sullivan, who was killed. >> i believe he should be locked away, and live with what he did every day of his life. >> reporter: unanswered i
of tom cruise and katie holmes. holmes filed for divorce because she feared plans cruise and his church of scientology had in store of fire 6-year-old daughter suri. a source said holmes felt her every move was controlled and she felt like she was in "rosemary's baby." experts say holmes filed in new york for legal advantages, cruise reportedly plans to file in california where presumably he would have a better chance of partial custody of suri. i've been hearing she's having trouble with that too. bloggers are already asking does tom or katie keep their bff. cruise said he wants to but david in action films but they are in the same shows, checking in on what they are wearing. what are you wearing? you think? don't you hate it when it happens? finally mel gibson's stepmother filed for a restraining order against the actor claiming he's been violent with her. >> people have such a hunger and thirst for all the knowledge on what their relationship was like. >> i have ear muffs about the entire thing. it's a private matter. >> it's been in tabloids for months. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. t
helmet. >> the shooting suspect confirmed as 24-year-old james holmes. >> 24-year-old james holmes allegedly walked into the midnight showing of "dark knight." >> came in through the exit according to an iwitness. >> threw a gas canister in the crowd. >> and then opened fire. >> used an ak 15 within the theater a shotgun and a .40 caliber glock. >> saw people outside the theater, faces covered in blood. >> he was shooting people behind me and i had, like, gun shells just falling on my head. >> police confirmed the apartment where the suspect lived appeared to be boobytrapped. >> the apartment is boobytrapped with various incendiary and chemical devices and apparent trip wires. >> we heard nothing about what the apparent motive is, why he did this. >> we are being as cautious as possible with the investigation as we move forward. >>> we are back live in aurora and the question everyone is asking at this hour is, why? what is the motive? if police know one they aren't saying. we do know that earlier today the ten bodies still inside that theater started to be removed. we are expectin
-old, james holmes. a former medical student. he was taken into custody immediately outside the theater as police and fbi search his apartment, apparently wired with explosives. >> we could be here for hours, we could be here for days. trying to figure out how to get in there. obviously we're very concerned about getting in there to get whatever evidence there is, but the pictures are pretty disturbing. it looks pretty sophisticated in terms of how it's boobytrapped. >> security at movie theaters across the country is being increased. in paris tonight's red carpet premiere for the movie has been canceled. president obama and mitt romney both canceled their campaign events today and their tv ads in colorado to respond immediately to the tragedy. >> my daughters go to the movies. what if malia and sasha had been in the theater. as so many of our kids do every day. michelle and i will be fortunate enough to hug our girls a little tighter. i'm sure you'll do the same with your children. for those parents who may not be so lucky, we have to embrace them. >> ann and i join the president and f
in solitary confinement. but we are learning more about the alleged shooter. holmes tried to join a gun club, just last month. the owner says when he tried to follow up, he got a bizarre voice mail message and told employees not to let holmes in, without checking with him first. >> the voice mail was a very low base, guttural-sounding, rambling, incoherent deal that was strange, bizarre, a little freakish. >> 12 people were killed, 58 wounded in this tragedy. 25 people, this morning, still in the hospital. nine remain in critical condition. and it's hard to imagine, but things could have been even worse. the shooter's gun, a civilian version of an m-16, jammed. otherwise, he might have been able to fire even more bullets from a 100-round drum. and now we're hearing that quick-thinking police who responded to the scene could have mistaken the shooter for one of their own, but they knew something was off. >> he's dressed like a s.w.a.t. member. >> these guys were sharp enough to see that the outfit wasn't quite right and they immediately challenged him. >> thousands gathered last night for a v
as soon as possible. we will be here for some time. with regard to the residence. mr. holmes lives at 1690 paris street. we responded up there fairly quickly after we identified him. our investigation determined that his apartment is booby-trapped with various incendiary and chemical devices and apparent trip wires. so we have an active and difficult scene there. it may be resolved in hours or days. we don't know how we are going to handle that. we have evacuated residents to a safe distance. it includes five buildings in the area being evacuated. we have been asked how many folks were in the theater. we can tell you there were four showings of the batman movie. all of them were sold out. we have interviewed close to 200 witnesses. as to how many people were in the theater, that's the best i can tell you. caution about social media. please, as responsible journalists, be careful. we are analyzing all social media that is out there about this event. i can tell you that we are already finding that there are a lot of pranks. there is even someone who called a national media station and repres
, we heard from the aurora police chief and he described how his officers identified james holmes as the suspect and not a s.w.a.t. officer despite all of his ballistic gear. >> there was one particular piece of equipment that he had on him that was out of place. i am so proud of my officers that they spotted that right away and chal llenged him. in that chaos, it is quite reasonable that an officer might have confused him for a s.w.a.t. officer or a heavily armed officer responding to the scene. so kudos to my two cops who grabbed this guy and that sharp observation that they made immediately that led them to suspect him as being a suspect. >> there is more we are learning about the 24-year-old suspected of mass murder. he will appear in court tomorrow morning for the first time and the sheriff says holmes is isolated from other inmates. reports suggest he is now also refusing to talk with police. >>> as for his boobytraped apartment, the fbi detonated explosives they collected there in a remote, desert area. they will analyze the remnants at fbi headquarters. officials say the t
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at sports. i'm mario solis >>> baby news from two celebrity couples and new details on how katy holmes orchestrated her split from tom cruise. your first look on entertainment is ahead. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. >>> welcome back. i'm lynn berry. we are going to begin with the long divorce saga. an attorney for katy holmes is denying report that the actress wants an emergency hearing on custody and child support. it comes in saying she filed an application that could have resulted in a public hearing >>> published reports said katy holmes planned an intricate escape from the marriage, including securing a new york city apartment and cutting off with friends >>> matthews mccon ahey tweeted that he and his wife are expecting a third child. >>> a represent confirms that claire danes and hugh dancecy, who wed in 2009, are expecting their first child. >>> finally, that was fast. days after pulling the plug on his personal twitter page, alec baldwin set out a tweet plugging an upcoming podcast. on his personal page, he sort of threw in the towel saying, i'm done. he has done thi
say holmes calmly set off some kind of device and began firing randomly and terrified moviegoers. people desperately tried to flee, in some cases, helping victims get out. in other cases, simply running for their lives. police say 71 were shot and 12 were killed. james holmes was arrested without a struggle in his car outside the theatre. police say holmes warned he rigged his apartment with explosives and in fact, his apartment has been booby trapped with explosives and trip wires. joining me now the chris jansing. chris, thank you for being with us. i know you just got there. just on to the scene. is there anything new and what is the mood there right now in aurora? >> well, as you can imagine, especially for people who lived in this area, back in 1999, this is all too familiar. we're just 12 miles down the road from the scene of the columbine shooting and it's been a horrific day. so many people who came to the scene of the shooting, trying to find out what had happened to loved ones, had they been in that particular theatre? had they been injured, been victims of the shooting
the word obphiscate. >> and journalists t.j. holmes tweeted that he was pulled over while driving while black. tonight, holmes will weigh in on the race debate. [ male announcer ] it seems like every company has a facebook page these days. but where's the relationship status? well, esurance is now in a relationship...with allstate. and it looks pretty serious. esurance. click or call. mitt romney was asked a very simple yes or no question about his taxes this weekend. the question, was there ever a year when you paid less than 13.9%? >> i haven't calculated that. i'm happy to go back and look. but my view is, i have paid all the taxes required by law. i don't pay more than are legally due. >> ain't got a calculator that big. so romney's endured weeks of pressure about his taxes on every network and in every major newspaper, everyone from president obama to george will has weighed in and romney says he just hasn't had the time to check his tax rate. let's bring in joy-ann reid, jon bramnick, and emily tisch sussman, executive director of the young democrats of america. mr. bramnick, i've
new developments from colorado. 24-year-old accused mass murderer james holmes made his first court appearance not long ago. it was our first time seeing the suspect since he allegedly killed 12 people and injured dozens more inside that aurora movie theater friday night. holmes showing no signs of emotion there during today's hearing. did he did look extremely desired and struggled to keep his eyes open. the hair died reddish orange. you might remember he told police he was the joker. he's currently in solitary confinement held without bond. all of this as prosecutors grapple with the decision of whether to pursue the death penalty. >> victims will be impacted by that decision in an enormous way for years. if the death penalty is sought, that's a very long process that impacts their lives. for years. and so they will want to have and well want to get their input before we make any kind of a decision on that. >> let's bring in mike taibbi outside the courthouse. good afternoon to you. >> reporter: hi, craig, how are you. >> what's the latest? >> reporter: i was inside the courtroom.
in the denver suburb of aurora. police have 24-year-old suspect james holmes in custody. the associated press reports holmes was a medical student at the university of colorado medical school but withdrew last month. witnesses sayhe gunman burst through an exit door at the front of the theater during a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises" and started shooting into the crowd. >> he had just run into the theaters and was just shooting people. he wasn't giving anybody a chance to get out. >> the guy walks in wearing all black, like all armor. >> the mask completely covered his face. the only thing you could see was his eyes. >> he's going to shoot the people trying to get out the door, and he did. they were trying to escape and he shot those people as well. >> there was just a young girl laying just on the concrete with two gunshot wounds on her leg and blood completely covering her stomach. >> in the past hour, police confirmed the apartment where the suspect lives appears to be rigged with explosive material. >> we are trying to determine how to disarm the flammable explosive material t
at sports. i'm mario solis. >>> baby news from two celebrity couples and new details on how katy holmes orchestrated her split from tom cruise. your first look on entertainment is straight ahead. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy. i was worried about 'em, you know? i mean for instance my mom went to bed tonight before making my dinner. which is fine, i mean i, i know how to make dinner. it just starts to make you wonder. is this what happens when you age? my friends used to say i was the lucky one. i had the fun parents. where's the fun now? night guys! [ sighs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] venza. from toyota. >>> welcome back. i'm lynn berry. we are going to begin with the latest in what is expected to be a long tom cruise and katy holmes divce saga. an attorney for katy holmes is denying report that the actress wants an emergency hearing on custody and child support. it soames comes in response to onl
hearing to read 24-year-old james holmes his rights. the accused mass murderer seemed dazed, never looking anyone in the face, as family members of some of the victims sat nearby. >> he does look like demonic or something like that. his eyes are just crazy. kind of crazy looking, you know? something wrong with that man. >> reporter: holmes, once a top neuroscience student, recently dropped out of grad school. police say he spent thousands of dollars on weapons and ammunitions, dressed up like a villain yas batman character and opened fire in this aurora, california, theater. ten were dead in the theater. two died later. among them, jessica ghawi. her friends called jessica's family from the theater. >> it was the most horrific screams i ever heard in my life. i thought somebody was in the house stabbing my wife in the heart. >> reporter: the victims range in age from 6 to 51. there are many stories of heroism. stephanie saved this girl's life. they made it out alive. >> we're laying there literally in the mouth of hell. and when i say literally, i mean literally from every aspect. >> i jus
james holmes. the 24-year-old suspect in the deadly colorado shooting rampage, holmes a one-time graduate student at the university of colorado, is going to be making his next court appearance monday. meanwhile, family members are trying to make funeral plans for some of the victims of friday's shootings. nbc's miguel is live for us in colorado. what are the latest developments today, because a lot has been happening behind the scenes. >> reporter: just a few miles from where we're standing, police were once again at the suspect's home. of course they were there for a couple of days over the weekend. it was wired, they say, with boobytraps. they were forced to go in using im provised devices to set off the traps. they were back there today. it appears they were looking for more evidence. as you know, the suspect, james holmes, was here in court yesterday. he was in court for a short time. he certainly looked very dazed, very confused. at one point, as though he was going to fall asleep. police are still obviously gathering evidence in this case. he will be charged with at le
taibbi, who was in the courtroom with the suspect, james holmes, and nbc's chris jansing. can you describe the scene in the courtroom from outside looking in, his affect was so strange, he looked dazed. what was it like close up? >> reporter: yeah, it really was. when i was in the courtroom in the jared loughner case in arizona, he engaged with people, he looked at people, he looked angrily at some of us in the media. in this instance, everybody was looking toward the door when he came in. he shuffled in, manhandcuffed hs and ankles. he wasn't engaging with his two public defenders. he didn't look at anybody. didn't look at the judge when the judge mirandized him. didn't look at the judge or respond in any way at all when the judge asked him directly whether he had anything to say and he didn't look out in the courtroom to people sitting in the 108 seats, including five family members of decedents of some of the victims who died in the theater shooting. the hearing only lasted 11 minutes. he didn't, as i say, give anybody anything to work with except to see somebody who was so let
to indoctrinate. the children of scientology and why katie holmes doesn't want her daughter to be one of them. that's coming up. and in the "rewrite" tonight, we'll find out if bill o'reilly is a man of his word. the word being "idiot." that's coming up. lex. and this is what inspires us to create new technology. ♪ technology that connects us to everything the world has to offer and vice versa. ♪ technology that makes lightweight stronger, safer, and faster than ever before. ♪ technology that makes electric electrifying and efficiency exhilarating. ♪ technology that doesn't just drive us, but drives progress. ♪ and driving progress is what we do every day. ♪ ♪ today training depends on technology. and when it takes a battery, there are athletes everywhere who trust duracell. they rely on copper to go for the gold. duracell. trusted everywhere. you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you wanted a firm bed you can lie on one of those. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. wow, that feels really good! once y
the alleged shooter, james holmes in court yesterday. mike taibbi is live in centennial, colorado, watching that for us. what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: the investigation will continue, but there are only a few elements still to be investigated. the forensic scene at theater and the suspect's apartment has been completed at this point. they're still checking how it was and by what means the suspect james holmes was able to have some 50 packages filled with all the supplies that added up to his alleged arsenal, were given to him, either at an address at the university of colorado where he'd been a grad student or at his apartment about five blocks from the campus. they're talking to officials at the university about that at this point. the two moisture decisions still being made in the case is whether the prosecution will go for the death penalty. that decision will be made within 60 days after the arraignment. and at that arraignment, the second part of the story, will the defense go for an ngi, lawyers call it a not guilty by reason of insanity, but that keeps the arra
. major questions tonight in the tom cruise-katie holmes breakup. legal questions, questions that impact the little girl. two of the best lawyers in the country are here. you're watching "politicsnation" on msnbc. [ man ] ever year, sophia and i use the points we earn with our citi thankyou card for a relaxing vacation. ♪ sometimes, we go for a ride in the park. maybe do a little sightseeing. or, get some fresh air. but this summer, we used our thank youpoints to just hang out with a few friends in london. [ male announcer ] the citi thankyou visa card. redeem the points you've earned to travel with no restrictions. rewarding you, every step of the way. >>> republicans are desperately trying to come up with a new message an health care but mitt romney is having lots of trouble with it. we'll talk about that next. >>> in the days since the supreme court's ruling on health care, republicans have been trying to make lemonade out of lemons by dreaming up new talking points. the law's individual mandate is a tax. this is the message they're going to try and run with through november. there'
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movie "the dark knight rises." a man named james holmes walked through a door with a bulletproof vest, a gas mask, a throat protector, a groin protector and black gloves. police say he was also carrying three weapons. a rifle, shotgun and a handgun. witnesses say holmes calmly set off some kind of device and began firing randomly and terrified moviegoers. cell phone images captured the panicked scene as people desperately tried to flee the theater in some cases helping victims get out. in other cases simply running for their lives. in the end, police say 71 people were shot and at least 12 have been killed. james holmes was arrested without a struggle at his car just outside the theater. in addition, police say holmes warned he had rigged his apartment with explosives and in fact, police say holmes' apartment has been booby-trapped with sophisticated explosives and trip wires. joining me now from aurora, colorado, is chris jansing. thanks for joining us on this difficult day. what is the latest there from aurora, colorado? >> we are learning more and more about the situation. [ no aud
center" -- breaking away. katie holmes may have managed a swift exit from the orbit of scientology, but former insiders tell kate snow that when some members try to leave the church can play rough. >> we had a whole drill that involved up to two dozen people to hunt down and find the person, confront them, and persuade them to return. >> reporter: he's a former senior scientologist who claims the church uses extreme measures against people like him. >> come on, marty. do you have anything to say? >> this sounds like movie stuff. i'm sorry, marty, this sounds too complicated to believe. >> i mean, i don't know what to tell you. can you handle the truth? >>> also tonight, richard engel with a view we have never seen before of the uprising inside syria. he made the trip with a rebel commander fighting to liberate his hometown. >> it's 4:00 a.m. and ali bakran is saying good-bye to his parents, possibly for the last time. he's on the front line of a surprising new syria few outsiders have glimpsed. he says, "the regime controls only where it keeps its tanks. that's it." >>> and the "co
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she's being treated for minor injuries. >>> e-news reports that katie holmes has registered at a catholic church in new york. in my neighborhood. >>> tom cruise's attorney is threatening the "national enquirer's" parent company with a lawsuit. he blasted recent headlines such as tom's house of horrors. the real tom is a monster and denied reporting that holmes was monitored and reported on to scientolo scientology's leader. >>> reports say channing tatum may star in a film about evil knievel. >>> finally "us weekly" reports that miley cyrus has gotten her 15th tattoo, a quote from a 1910 speech by theodore roosevelt. you see it's all the way down her arm. >> she's got one of those? >> but it looks like the possibility it could be marker. because it's kind of huge. >> a random quote by theodore roosevelt? >> good time we don't have enough time for it. "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. >>> mitt romney says he expected to get booed during his speech at the naacp, promising to repeal obama care and telling the audience that as president, he would make life bett
to begin this morning with final good-byes -- as colorado shooting suspect james holmes sits in solitary confinement this morning, relatives of those killed in last friday's theater massacre have begun the grim task of planning their funerals, with the first one being held today. nbc's jay gray reports from aurora. >> reporter: the focus in aurora today turned back to the suspect's apartment. prosecutors and james holmes' state-appointed defenders getting their first look inside. while at the crime scene, a chain-link fence went up around the theater. as mourners in the grieving city search for some kind of comfort in the wake of the tragedy. >> it's a feeling of sadness. and such loss. such loss for all the families. >> reporter: families like the thieves. >> he was one of the best sons that any man could have. and i've been honored to know him. >> reporter: when the shooting started, 24-year-old alex theves threw his mom and girlfriend to the floor and shielded their body with bullets. >> god sent me an angel, not just that night, but -- for the last two and a half years. he sent me an
that that is the case. >> details about the suspect in the shooting begin to emerge. he is james holmes, a 24-year-old former neuro science graduate. some initial questions have been answered. no he's not tied to any foreign terrorist organization. yes, he seems to have acted alone. no, no prior criminal record. but still unanswered and many think impossible to answer is why. joining me now from aurora, colorado, msnbc's chris jansing. good morning, chris. >> good morning to you marx lisa. i think it is fair to say that is the huge lingering question, why. and we don't have any answers because for all the people that reporters have talked to, friends, people who lived in his apartment complex, they described him as quiet, very few people, if any, seemed to really know him. and he seemed to be very calm and acting typically as he always did, keeping to himself and not just the days but the minutes leading up to this shooting. he is in custody, as you know. he has a law ir. lawyer. so i don't think we'll be getting answers from him any time soon. in the meantime, we'll be getting information on the
and james holmes more alert and responsive as he listened to the official charges read alone. 24 counts of first degree murder for the 12 killed, 116 attempted first degree murder charges for the 58 injured. two counts for each victim. one charge included murder with deliberation. the other, cited murder with extreme indifference to the value of human life. lives like verran ka moser, the 6-year-old killed during the massacre. and his mother was paralyzed and suffered a miscarriage after the attack. >> it was important to come to see him today as who he was. there was a lot of anger. >> reporter: dozens of family members and several survivors drawn to the courtroom. >> when we've seen him before, he looked like he was spaced out or out of touch. he looked very, very alert today. and very loose i had as ucid ab going on. >> reporter: much different than his first appearance, when he was seemed dazed and disengaged. he spoke for the first time publicly during the brief proceeding. asking yes, when asked if he wanted to waive his right to a preliminary hearing within 30 days. during that t
: the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, today will be advised of his rights and the judge will set a date for the formal filing of charges. it's the start of a legal process that may take months. >> we will convict him. yes. >> reporter: at issue whether the prosecutor will seek the death penalty. the defense will likely argue whether holmes is mentally competent while the city is forever changed. evidence will include what was found inside the suspect's apartment, explosive devices meant to kill were removed and destroyed yesterday. officials say today other residents of the building may be allowed to return. veronica, back to you. >>> great, thank you. poverty in america is increasing to levels not seen in the last 50 years. the u.s. census data for 2011 to be released during the fall peak of the presidential's campaign is expected to show the poverty rate rising to as high as 15.7%. that would be the highest rate since 1965 erasing gains from the war on poverty that created medicaid, medicare and other social welfare programs. the weak economy is being blamed especially long-term unemp
katie holmes untieing their knot. is religion behind the report and a new report that katie is being stalked. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? >>> a standoff between president obama and a handful of republican governors which are threatening not to comply with one part of his health care law. latinos are the most demographic group for president obama and his push for the hispanic vote, coming up. yers do the ironing. have our fridges cater our parties. and tell our ranges to whip up dinner. let's plug in to summer savings before they're gone... ...without wasting an ounce of energy wi
does she know? less than two weeks after announcing the split, tom cruise katie holmes are one step away from officially being divorced. we will talk about that. ♪ ♪ i want to go ♪ i want to win [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow ♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky [ male announcer ] even the planet has an olympic dream. dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium. solutionism. the new optimism.™ ♪ this dream responding to critics asking why the vote in the first place? >> we announced that we are going to vote again. of course they go why? why? why? you know how they go? why? why? it really boils down to one simple word. resolve. we are resolved to get rid of the law that will ruin the best health care delivery system the world has ever seen. >> joining me now is oklahoma congressman and former chair of the national congressional committee. i will try not to use the voice that speaker boehner just used to mock us, but i want to ask
holmes had what is called a first advisement this morning. he sat with one of his court apointed attorneys. reporters in the courtroom said his lawyer shielded him from victims of the shooting and the relatives who had come for the hearing. he is not expected to be charged formally in the case until next week. the trial itself could be as much as a year away. prosecutors say the man stormed into a midnight premiere of the new batman movie last week in the city of aurora. he came in with tear gas and guns and wearing enough protective gear that police almost reportedly mistook him for one of their own. though officers arrived in two minutes, he managed to kill 12 people and wound 58 others. he was armed with a pair of glock handguns, a 12-gauge shotgun, and an ar-15 assault rifle. all appear to have been purchased legally. law enforcement in colorado said he had stockpiled bullets before the massacre. he stored up 6,000 rounds buying from ammunition suppliers online. the list includes 3,000 rounds for handguns, 3,000 for the assault rifle, and 350 shells for the shotgun. just like
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